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General Care

Physical Examinations
An initial physical examination is the single most important aspect of caring for your pet. Our doctors will performs a throughout physical exam to determine any abnormalities or health issues  your pet may not outwardly show. During a physical exam, eyes, ears, dental health, skin issues, hearth and lung condition, and other areas will be examined. Any abnormalities found can be discussed with you and a plan can be made to appropriately treat and further diagnose your pet's health.

Heartworm Disease
Heartworm Disease is a deadly blood parasite seen in dogs and is transmitted by mosquitoes. All of our canine patients are required to have yearly blood testing to detect heartworm disease. Testing is simply and easy. our doctors will assess the potential risk to your pet and dispense the appropriate preventative medication.

Blood Testing
As we all know, animals cannot tell us what they are feeling when they are sick. This is why blood testing is very important in diagnosing various illnesses such as diabetes and liver or kidney disease. For alder pets, a Geriatric blood test can pick up a potential problem early and allow our doctors to treat your pet before they become visibly ill. Ask our doctors how a simple blood test can help your pet.

Vaccines are given to prevent deadly infections. All pets, even if they spend most of their time indoors, need routine vaccinations. Some pets are at higher risk and my require a customized vaccination routine. For example, a pet that spends its weekends in the country may require a Lyme Disease vaccine. Tell our doctors about any special activities your pet has so we can customize a vaccination schedule.

A simple stool sample analysis can keep your pet free of intestinal parasites. Some of these parasites are "zoonotic" or have the potential to infect humans, especially children. Be sure to bring a small stool sample to our office at the time of your visit so we can keep your pet parasite free.

Feline Leukemia / Feline Aids
These viral infections affect cats only and are not transmitted to dogs or people. in outdoor cat populations, these viral infections are fairly common. A simple blood test can tell whether your cat is infected. Vaccinations can protect against these diseases.

Dental Cleaning
An important, but sometimes overlooked aspect of your pets' health is dental and gum health. Gingivitis and dental plaque can result in tooth loss and/or oral pain for your pet. At our facility, we have specialized dental equipment to keep your pet's teeth clean and health.